The Adventures of Medb hErenn

Heroic & Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction Character created by Kevin L. O'Brien

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Webcomics & Storieshy do writers write stories? For the plain and simple fact that they have stories to tell. But the raison d'etre for being a writer is to have people read your stories. If you write only for your own pleasure and amusement, and have no real interest in showing your work to others (except perhaps a few close friends and/or relatives), then you are not really a writer, but a diarist. Your journal is simply more elaborate than most other people's.

This simple, indisputable fact is the underlying reason for this page. Here you will find links to excerpts from published stories, which have links to where you can purchase or download them. You will also find links to reviews as they become available; illustrations, maps, and diagrams; and outlines and synopses of novels and future stories.

Did you enjoy the stories? Did you hate them? Was their something about any of them you particularly liked or disliked? Would you like to comment on any of them? Kevin L. O'Brien is always interested in receiving feedback. If you are interested, please use the contact form for this site.

Novels & Stories

  • Ambition's Appetite
    Medb exorcises a supernatural being with the help of a time traveler.
  • Barbarians R Us
    Medb challenges a barbarian to a series of contests in order to get him to return to Ulthar to pay restitution for his crimes, but his reputation indicates he may be as powerful as she.
  • Dark Vengeance
    Medb tries to save an Indian village in the Pacific Northwest from a supernatural ursine entity.

Pseudofactual Material

Medb hErenn Webcomics

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