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Irish Mythology

The following is a list of books on Celtic and Irish myths and legends, that were extensively used to help create the plots for the Medb hErenn stories:

Here are links to webpages that describe various aspects of Irish myth and legend that have made their way into the stories:

  • The Cattle Raid of Cooley (Táin Bó Cúailnge) — This is the great epic of Ireland, on par with the Iliad of Greece. It was composed by the bards of Ulster, so the character of Cú Chulainn is portrayed as the hero of the story, but it is Medb who is the primary character. She is the one who initiates the plot, who propels it forward, and who eventually resolves it, whereas Cú Chulainn merely reacts. And while she is portrayed as being captured by Cú Chulainn at the end, she nonetheless wins: her forces succeed in capturing the Brown Bull of Cooley and taking it back to Connacht. This link goes to a page where the epic is presented in the original Irish with its English translation beside it.
  • Celtic Literature Collective — A large number of myths and legends are archived here. The stories are presented in both Irish and English versions.
  • Lebor Gabála Érenn — A Wikipedia article about the Book of Invasions, which purports to describe Irish prehistory. It is from this source that the details concerning the struggle for dominance between the Fir Bholg, the Tuatha Dé Danann, the Fomóraigh, and the Sons of Mileadh, and Medb hErenn's actions during that struggle, were taken.
  • The Ulaidh Cycle — Information on the Ulster myth cycle.
  • Magic & Mythology — More general information on Irish mythology.
  • Creepy Irish Creatures — A compendium of beings from Irish mythology and folklore.

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