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Below is a list of sites discovered by Kevin L. O'Brien that he believes complement the official website of Medb hErenn. This complementarity can take any of a number of different forms, but ultimately this list consists of sites Mr. O'Brien enjoyed and wanted to share with other people.

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The Accidental Centaurs
created by John Lotshaw
PG-13 fantasy webcomic with pay adult features

Two scientists — Dr. Samantha Agatha Peterson and Dr. Alexsandr Mikhailovich Tischenko — were conducting a test of an experimental teleportation device when an accident caused a malfunction and created a wormhole that connected Earth with a parallel universe. Sam and Alex were pulled into the wormhole and transported to otherSpace, the name Alex gave to this universe. However, in this universe, the human form does not exist, so Sam and Alex were reformed into centaurs, hence the title of the webcomic. They have also been chosen by quasi-divine beings known as the W!rxn to be the fulfillment of a prophecy concerning another being known as the Rinson. They are aided, protected, and advised by a genie named Idlennhassar, nicknamed Lenny. Sam and Alex are in love, and so engage in suggestive language, and Sam tends to wear tops that reveal substantial cleavage (though not by choice), but except for occasional scenes in which Sam is naked but nothing is revealed, there is no nudity and the sex occurs "off-screen". However, a few "R rated" portraits showing bare breasts, and a whole "NC-17 rated" comic depicting full-frontal nudity and sexual intercourse, have been produced.

Unfortunately, the webcomic is on indefinite hiatus. Apparently, the creator is unable to continue to post it for free, yet an attempt to "reboot" it as a printed comic failed when sales of the first two issues proved disappointing. The archive of past issues is still available online, as are excerpts from the first two printed comics, but one online issue is unfinished and both posted comics are incomplete. Also, the continuity is somewhat difficult to follow. Here is a list of the available issues in what we believe is the correct chronological order:

  • Accidents Happen (Incomplete Online) — The first adventure of Sam and Alex in otherSpace.
  • Accidental Unicorn (Incomplete Online) — There is not enough of this story to know what is going on, but being as Sam and Alex wind up in a desert, this may be the adventure immediately before their debut adventure.
  • Lair of the Insectaurs — The first adventure of Sam and Alex created by John Lotshaw, in which Sam is captured by Insectaurs and turned into a queen.
  • Accidental Merfolk — Lenny turns Sam and Alex into merfolk so they can cross an ocean by swimming.
  • Duty Now for the Future — Sam and Alex become involved in a civil war in Tauria, the nation of the centaurs.
  • Wotch This! — A cross-over adventure with the Wotch, in which Sam acquires magical powers.
  • You Can't Go Home Again — Alex dreams of being back on Earth.
  • Bride and Prejudice by Thomas F. Revor, Jr. and Darin Brown — Sam accidentally turns Alex into a female centaur, and he becomes betrothed to a Taurian emir.
  • The White Flash — A mysterious force sweeps across otherSpace, creating changes that only Sam and Lenny can see.
  • Hello to Arms by Thomas F. Revor, Jr. and Darin Brown — While Lenny teaches Sam how to control her magic, Alex goes into the town of Crossworlds and forges a full suit of steel plate armor for himself.
  • Heavy Hangs the Head . . . (Unfinished) — While attending the coronation of the new Taurian king, Sam and Alex get swept up in political intrigue.

Additionally, a number of printed collections of the online stories, plus the adult comic, are out of print and unavailable. What is available are original artwork and prints sold through John Lotshaw's small press. However, we have been informed by Mr. Lotshaw that he plans to restart the comic at some future date. He is also working on a graphic novel that will incorporate the content of the printed comics as the first chapter. And he also plans to re-release the printed comics in the near future.

Aside from his fascination for Sam's "assets" and his enjoyment of the characters' adventures, Mr. O'Brien's interest in this webcomic stems from two sources. The first is that Sam shares a number of personality traits with Medb. She is impulsive and impetuous, often throwing herself into a situation without thinking it all the way through. Yet she is highly intelligent and has come up with plans that have saved herself and Alex from danger. She is somewhat hot-tempered; her first reaction to a frustrating or threatening situation, or Lenny's insults and jokes, is often anger, occasionally even an outright attack. She is often suspicious of, even hostile towards, new acquaintances, but once her trust is gained she is very loyal. She has even sacrificed her life on one occasion, much as Medb would have done. She is also very sensuous (towards Alex), and loves having sex. The major differences between between her and Medb is that Sam openly displays her emotions while Medb is more stoic; Medb tends toward cold fury rather than hot rage; Medb is more promiscuous than Sam; and Sam is deeply in love and intensely devoted to Alex, whereas Medb has rarely ever been in love with anyone.

The second source of Mr. O'Brien's interest stems from John Lotshaw's concept of magic, which mirrors his own. Though the presence of magic might make one believe otherSpace exists in a different Level 1 Multiverse from our own, Lenny's explanation of magic as a technology that can alter the quantum probabilities of objects and events allows otherSpace to exist in a different part of our own Level 1. That, and the ease with which persons can cross over to otherSpace suggests it lies on a portion of our D-brane that is "touching" our portion. Nonetheless, the location of otherSpace is left open for now.


by Thomas F. Revor, Jr., and Darin Brown
PG-13 fantasy webcomic

Crossworlds is a spin-off from The Accidental Centaurs. In March 2006, Thomas F. Revor, Jr. and Darin Brown created a guest story for Accidental Centaurs entitled, "Bride and Prejudice". Two months later, they created another story, "Hello to Arms", in which Alex goes to the town of Crossworlds and forges a suit of armor for himself. There he meets Nahrm, the blacksmith, and engages her in a drinking contest. Finally, in November, they create the first Crossworlds solo story as a one-off filler for Accidental Centaurs. This story introduces the four main characters of the fledgling comic: Nahrm; Woodeye, owner of the Lucky Shot saloon; Karl, a town deputy; and Kalif, a magician. Crossworlds debuted with its first issue in August of 2007. The cast was filled out with a number of supporting characters, all of whom have appeared in the first two issues. There have been two issues released so far (as of January 2009), plus a number of filler and bonus features, all depicting a mixture of serious and humorous situations. Though Darin Brown creates artwork that often depicts full-frontal nudity, Crossworlds so far has no nudity or adult situations.

Crossworlds exists in otherSpace, and the stories take place some time after the Malevolence War. In addition to the Taurian centaurs and the Tyrian satyrs, three new races were added: the Toronese minotaurs, the N'Gae nagas, and the Gerrex bugbears. Woodeye is a Tyrian who fought with a mercenary unit in the Malevolence War; Nahrm is a Toronese who is the widow of Woodeye's former commander. Karl is a Gerrex, while Kalif is a N'Gae. Various other races have been portrayed but not yet named. According to background material provided in bonus features, Crossworlds was founded by Taurian, Tyrian, and Toronese settlers to promote free trade between the three nations. It is located in Tauria, but on the frontier, with access to Tyria, Toron, and the land of the N'Gae. Tyria and the nation of the N'Gae are said to be somewhere down river of the town, while Tauria is implied to be somewhere upriver; Toron and land of the Gerrex are not mentioned so far.

Medb's adventures on other worlds are limited to our Level 1 Multiverse, and it is still somewhat uncertain whether otherSpace exists in our Level 1 or in another within the same Level 2 Multiverse. If it does exist in our Level 1, however, there is a chance Medb could visit it as part of her series of missions. Only time will tell.


The Legend of Bill
created by David Reddick
PG-13 fantasy webcomic

Bill becomes fed up with his job as an intern office clerk at the local castle and quits to become a barbarian warrior and have adventures. He is joined by his loyal companion Frank, a little blue dragon, and the two of them join forces with Gina, a warrior princess from the kingdom of Khernn, to save her father's land from an insidious evil force. Along the way, however, they run afoul of Vasheeva, the Dark Queen of the Dark Lands, who swears revenge against Bill.

The primary reason why Kevin L. O'Brien likes this comic is that it is a parady of barbarian fantasy similar to Disney's Dave the Barbarian. Though Gina's skimpy costume is a definate plus as well. However, the warrior princess provides the complement to the official Medb hErenn website.


Pewfell: The Epic Fantasy SitCom
created by Chuck Whelon & Adam Prosser
PG-13 fantasy webcomic with occasional R-rated strips

Pewfell is a slacker of a wizard who is extremely useless. He lives with his amazonian warrior princess wife, Tina Tinglessen, and their twin sons in the city of Spirekassle at the edge of the world (literally!). Together with their numerous friends, they have glorious adventures against numerous enemies, whether they want to or not.

Another comedic fantasy, this comic paradies modern life like a television sitcom. Though most strips deal in adult themes and language, adolescent gore, and cartoon violence, not to mention voluptuous Tina and her numerous skimpy costumes, some feature more mature subjects along with partial or full frontal nudity. As yet, however, there is no sex. Once again, Tina provides the complement to the official Medb hErenn website.


Spying with Lana
created by Sean Harrington
PG-13 espionage thriller webcomic

"Lana is a spy possessed of a brilliant mind, superb marksmanship, great athletic ability . . . and very little luck. Working for a top-secret agency (so secret that nobody even knows its name!), Lana risks her life and her sanity in defence of truth, justice, and a bunch of trivial, pointless stuff that the agency is always mixed up in." — from Women of WebComics

This comedic webcomic is too recent to know how it will do in the long term, but Kevin L. O'Brien believes it has promise: not only does it parody spy stories and espionage paranoia, Lana has been naked or wearing a string bikini for all but four strips of the first issue. Mr. O'Brien's primary interest for now is Lana's voluptuous assests, but the complement to the official Medb hErenn website is her personality.

The main similarity is that, in the comic, Lana is given the same role as comedian Bob Newhart in his television series, namely that of straight man to the whole world. Very often, Medb sees herself in the same way, except what goes on around her is often not particularly funny. Like Medb, Lana tends not to reveal her emotions in public and she controls her expressions. She tends to respond to trouble with cold calculation rather than hot emotion. However, she will open up in private, with people she feels more comfortable with. And she seems unconcerned about being naked or having sex to accomplish a mission. The only important differences are that Medb would have attended the gun-runners' pool party naked, and she would have allowed her Chief to release the porno film.

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