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Heroic & Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction Character created by Kevin L. O'Brien

Crusader, © by Andy Zygmunt

Blood Rayne, © by Todd Sheridan

Fantasy Women Artwork Gallery

As you might expect, Kevin L. O'Brien is fascinated by heroic fantasy and sword and sorcery women characters, especially female warriors. After all, he created one for his own stories, and what could be more appropriate for the official site of Medb hErenn than to decorate it with heroic fantasy artwork of her martial sisters? For this reason, we have accumulated a large number of female warrior fantasy artwork images to be used on future pages, and while we have plenty of ideas for expanding this site, there may come a time when we run out of pages and still have images left over.

In that event, we would consider it tragic that our visitors would be deprived of being able to see our unused female sword and sorcery artwork, and Mr. O'Brien agrees. As such, we have created this gallery page to display all our unused images of fantasy warrior women. Whenever a new page is created, images will be removed to decorate it, and new images will be added as they are found.

There are, of course, many gallery pages devoted to fantasy women on the web. The difference is that most of these provide insufficient or non-existent citations. They may give the name of the artist or the title of the work, but not both, and often they provide neither. This is technically a violation of copyright law. Mr. O'Brien is adamant that any images on this site give full citations, and while he is willing to compromise on the images used to illustrate characters and creatures, he insists that the main images placed in the right column state both the artist or copyright holder and the title of the work, if any. As such, the images presented in this gallery will provide full citations. For more details, please read our Copyright Policy.

If you would like to learn more about the various artists featured in the gallery below and see more of their work, check out the List of Artists resource page page. There you will find a list of artists with links to their personal websites, or gallery sites that feature their work.

The images below are presented in alphabetical order by title. In those cases where images with the same title are grouped together, they are presented in alphabetical order by artist name.

Are you an artist? Do you create pictures of fantasy warrior women? Would you like to see them displayed in this gallery?

If you are an artist who creates works depicting fantasy warrior women, and you would like to have them displayed in this gallery, send us a URL to your portfolio site or a gallery site that displays your work. If you do not have any work posted on the Internet, or you would like to send us other samples, contact us for a confidential email address. Please note that if you send us any images, we will consider that as being permission to post them on the official Medb hErenn website, and to process them to match our quality and size requirements. We will not, however, alter the design of the images, nor will we use them for any purpose other than for display on this site. We will also give a full citation and provide a link back to your site, if any, on our artists page.

WARNING: Many of the following images feature women in various stages of undress, including full frontal nudity.

You must be 18 or older to proceed. If you are not, or if you are offended by female nudity, please return to the Home Page or the Sitemap to go to another page.

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