The Otherworld

Heroic & Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction Character created by Kevin L. O'Brien

Untitled, © by Michael See Zheng Xun

The Otherworldhe Otherworld is a combination of Faerieland and the Land of the Dead. It exists in a parallel universe lying next to our own across interdimensional space, but there are places where the barriers are weak and can be easily penetrated at certain times of the year. Though Medb hErenn would make a number of short visits to the three main lands of the Otherworld, she would explore other parts of it during her two tours of Earth. The essays below describe various aspects of the Otherworld.

  • Magh Mór
  • Magh Scath
  • Magh Sídhe
  • Tír na n-Óg
  • The Western Islands

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