Irish Mythology

Heroic & Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction Character created by Kevin L. O'Brien

Ban Sidhe, © by Rosemary Regan

Knight Shift, © by Anry Nemo

Irish Mythologyythology, legendry, and folklore are more than just a series of fantastic religious or adventure stories meant to explain the world to ignorant people. They are the paradigms that define their character and their way of life. The same is just as true for modern American civilization as it was for the most ancient culture imaginable: from the Pilgrims and the Revolution; through the Civil War, the Great Depression, and both World Wars; down to Vietnam, Camelot, the Reagan Legacy, and 9/11; the myths, legends, and folktales we tell about our society and history help to determine both who we are as a people and what our collective cultural psyche is like.

The Irish are no different; in fact, if anything their cultural identity is even more strongly based on their mythology than any other Western people. For example, the major Irish clans can trace their genealogies back at least two thousand years, and often beyond; only the Jews can go back further. Many families still claim to be descended from Fir Bholg or Tuatha Dé Danann ancestors, and some will seriously tell you they have the blood of the Sídhe in their veins. Personal names such as Conner, Brennan, Cahill, Hennessy, Murphy, O'Brien, O'Neill, and Ryan, and place names such as Tara, Shannon, Connaught, Armagh, Ulster, and Rathcroghan invoke the spirits of heroes and locations who were themselves ancient when Rome was still a rude village on the Tiber.

Medb hErenn is a product of Irish mythology, both literally and figuratively. She is not only based on a legendary queen and euhemerized goddess, but her life is also patterned after the events of the pseudohistorical Bronze Age and the heroic Iron Age of Ireland. As such, here you will find links to onsite information about the Irish myths, legends, and folktales that have shaped both the development of the character and her stories. Meanwhile, links to external sources used for research can be found on the Site Resources page, while links to information developed as part of the world building process can be found on the Worlds of Medb hErenn page.

The Faerie Lore of Ireland details the legends and folklore surrounding Faeries in Ireland.

The Supernatural Beings of Ireland lists and describes a number of creatures from Irish myths, legends, and folktales that will appear in the Medb hErenn stories.