Irish History

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Irish Historyrish history is stereotyped as being one long, unrelenting saga of sorrow and persecution; among Western peoples, only the Jews can be said to have suffered more. Yet it is a stereotype some Irish have encouraged, because it is based in no small part on some truth. Nonetheless, Irish history is a rich and complex tapestry that has known triumph as well as tragedy. Ireland can not only boast of having been continuously occupied for the last 10,000 years, it has the distinction along with Scotland of never having been conquered by the Roman Empire, it had a great, heroic tradition that rivaled that of the Vikings and Arthurian Britain, it single-handedly saved Western Civilization during the Dark Ages, and it reintroduced literacy and in many places Christianity to Europe after the Germanic migrations. It fell on hard times when the Vikings took to the sea in their longships and raided as far as they could reach, and while the High Kingship of Brian Boru almost restored its former glory, his death at the Battle of Clontarf made possible the conquest by the Anglo-Normans a century and a half later. Yet Ireland remains the only sovereign country to preserve its Celtic heritage, culture, and language.

The life of Medb hErenn is as inextricably linked to the history of Ireland as to its mythology. She has had a hand in or was the driving force behind much of what happened after 400 C.E. As such, this page provides links to onsite information about various aspects in Irish history, including Irish society and the Irish heroic tradition. Meanwhile, links to external sources used for research can be found on the Site Resources page, while links to information developed as part of the world building process can be found on the Worlds of Medb hErenn page.

Ancient Irish Society describes the organization and characteristics of the society of Iron Age Celtic society in Ireland.

The High Kings of Ireland explains the nature of high kingship in Ireland and provides a list of the mythological, legendary, pseudohistorical, and historical high kings.

The Irish Bardic Tradition describes the nature and history of ancient Irish music and its possible influence on the development of Western music.

Legal Tender in Ancient Ireland explains the monetary system of ancient Ireland and what was used as currency.

The Ogham Script describes the pre-Christian form of Irish writing that was used on monuments and is mentioned in the ancient myths and sagas.