Graphic Portraits of Medb hErenn

Heroic & Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction Character created by Kevin L. O'Brien

Desert Wings, © by Keith Parkinson

Graphic Portraits of Medb hErennrotecting fictional and graphic characters is very important to their creators, because a popular character can generate a considerable amount of commercial revenue. However, fictional characters like Medb hErenn have a more difficult time receiving protection than graphic characters. The reason is mostly that courts find it easier to grant protection to characters whose appearances are visually apparent. In other words, since fictional characters exist as representations that appear in the readers' imaginations, similarities between fictional characters are generally less concrete than they are for graphical characters, and thus cannot be easily compared. As such, in addition to copyrighting the works that characters appear in and trademarking their names, most intellectual property lawyers advise writers to have graphical representations of their characters created, which are then copyrighted and trademarked.

To that end, Kevin L. O'Brien has commissioned the following portraits of Medb. Though their styles vary because they were created by different artists, they all share the same physical features. They also illustrate some aspect of her characterization.

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WARNING: Some of the following images feature full or partial nudity.

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Medb hErenn: In the Dreamlands, © by Lon RydenIn the Dreamlands

© by Lon Ryden

Lon Ryden is a professional writer / artist who does illustrations and comics. He specializes in pinups and other forms of erotica. He accepts commissions and can be contacted through his website or deviantArt. This is his definitive portrait of Medb as she was in the Dreamlands, with her companions Teehar'owan the Bird, Conaed the Zoog, and Cremedevoyager the Cat.

Medb hErenn: Down But Not Defeated, © by Melissa L. DaltonDown But Not Defeated

© by Melissa L. Dalton

Melissa L. Dalton is a college student majoring in art. Her interests include drawing and writing, and she specializes in Sharpies and Photoshop. She posts her work on deviantArt under the name "SpookyChild". She accepts commissions, and can be contacted through deviantArt or her website. She depicted Medb as a warrior woman facing a foe almost too powerful for her to handle. Yet while she may be down, she will never surrender and never stop fighting.

Medb hErenn: In the Ruins, © by ZephyrIn the Ruins

© by Zephyr

Zephyr is a college student pursuing degrees in communication and sociology, with interests in cosplay, plushmaking, drawing, and writing. She posts her work on deviantArt under the name "DarkZephyrMoon". In this portrait, Medb has come across a deserted and ruined village, which had once been a thriving community. What happened? She intends to find out.

Medb hErenn: To the Death!, © by Lon RydenTo the Death!

© by Lon Ryden

Lon Ryden is a professional writer / artist who does illustrations and comics. He specializes in pinups and other forms of erotica. He accepts commissions and can be contacted through his website or deviantArt under the pseudonym "Erosarts". His original conception was a simple portrait, but before he started he decided to to change to something more exciting. In his own words, "SOMEONE needed to draw this woman as naked and fierce and powerful as she is frequently described to be."

Medb hErenn: Teenage Medb, © by MeronTeenage Medb

© by Meron

Meron is a Finnish artist and illustrator who posts her work on deviantArt under the name "Meroni". She is a huge fan of Musashi, Kojiro, and Nyasu — Jessie, James, and Meowth — from Team Rocket, and much of her personal work depicts them. Her style is distinctly reminiscent of that of the Pokemon anime series. For this piece, she chose to depict Medb as a teenager. Believe it or not, Medb was born and grew up like any other woman, and there was a time when she was a teenager. Even then, she was larger than normal, though she had not yet fully grown out, and physically more mature. However, if anything she was even more more temperamental than she would be as an adult.

Medb hErenn: I Beg Your Pardon?, © by Vanessa StefaniukI Beg Your Pardon?

© by Vanessa Stefaniuk

Vanessa Stefaniuk is a fourth-year animation student who does freelance illustration. Much of her personal work is posted on deviantArt under the pseudonym "Ph00". In this portrait, she captures Medb's expression of irritated surprise, as she reacts to some absurd situation, such as a 98-pound weakling challenging her to a duel.

Medb hErenn: Adventuress, © by Darin BrownAdventuress

© by Darin Brown

Darin Brown is an artist with a distinctive style. He is open for commissions, and there is little he will not draw. Most of his work involves nudity and can be considered pornographic, however, he also does a fair amount of non-erotic work as well. Additional examples of his work can be found on seviantArt under the name "GorFragWarGutz". He chose to draw Medb in her role as adventuress, off on a quest for excitement, gold, and sex, not necessarily in that order.

Medb hErenn: Imperious Medb, © by Lisa ForganImperious Medb

© by Lisa Forgan

Lisa Forgan runs SilverFox Interactive, a web and print design company. She is a professional web and print designer and illustrator. For this portrait, she chose to portray Medb as most people first see her: standing before them, imposing, intimidating, and imperious.

Medb hErenn: Ready to Fight, © by Frank PerrinReady to Fight!

© by Frank Perrin

Frank Perrin draws the Edemia World webcomic (written by June Ruivivar). He is an illustrator and web designer, and welcomes commissions; email him at frank(dot)edemia(at)gmail(dot)com. For this portrait, he chose to portray Medb at the moment she decides to fight. Perhaps someone has insulted her, or she has witnessed an injustice that needs to be rectified. Regardless, she has just challenged the malefactor to cease and desist or defend himself. Pity the fool who chooses the latter.

Medb hErenn: Queen of Battle, © by George WardThe Queen of Battle

© by George Ward

George Ward runs Dungeon Warden Studio and writes and draws the Dungeon Legacy webcomic. He is a full time freelance artist, and welcomes commissions. For this portrait, he chose to portray Medb in combat. She has just lost her spear and has switched to sword and dirk. As is her preference whenever possible, she fights in the nude, disdaining armor to show contempt for her opponent.