Medb's Friends

Heroic & Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction Character created by Kevin L. O'Brien

Heavy Metal Cover, © by Alex Horley

Cavewoman, © by Al Rio

Samurai Vampire, © by Aly Fell

Her Friendsriendship is an unfamiliar concept to Medb hErenn. In ancient Ireland, people had spouses, lovers, comrades-in-arms, siblings, parents, children, overlords, dependents, and bondservants, but no friends. The closest anyone came to it were the bonds of love forged between the members of a warband; indeed, many of the ancient sagas describe how one member would love another more than he would a wife or a brother. There is a hint of homosexual relations here, and though nothing is ever revealed in the myths and legends, the Classical writers, especially the Greeks, mention it on occasion.

Yet in the Dreamlands, there are fourteen women whom Medb considers to be her personal friends, as opposed to being companions or mere acquaintances. How or why she doesn't know; as far as she's concerned, it just seemed to happen on its own. And while she does have sexual relations with three of them, these friendships are not based on sex, especially in the case of Laylina and Karella Gündersen, who are more like protégés; this is borne out by the fact that there are no men on this list. Instead, Medb has developed a deep, sincere, and abiding respect for each of these persons, usually forged through shared adversary (though there are exceptions). Though Medb is on friendly terms with a large number of men, she does not have the same level of respect for them as she does these women, and mostly she thinks of her male friends as lovers.

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Aislinn Síle

(ASH-lyeen SHEE-lih) "dream/vision grey-eyed"

© by Lon RydenShe was a university professor of history and women's studies, and a Dreamer, who used her nightly sojourn into the Dreamlands to examine first hand a quasi-Medieval society. When she was killed in an automobile accident, she decided to establish a small college in Ulthar, which she paid for by setting up shop as a sage. Since then, she has acquired much knowledge of the Dreamlands from various sources, including both cats and Zoogs, and is consulted by many people, from adventurers all the way up to Kuranes himself. She dresses in a long flowing hooded gray robe, has gray eyes, and long gray hair, and she wears glasses. Medb calls her Ladan, which means "gray lady". They are good friends, but have never been lovers.

Ceara Lasairíona

(KA-ruh LAH-suh-ree-uh-nuh) "fiery-red flame-wine"

© by Lon RydenShe was born in the Dreamlands to an aristocratic family in Lelag-Leng. Early on, her talent for magic was noticed by the Council of Sorcerers that rule the city and she was trained in the magical arts. She excelled at fire magic, to the point where she now exercises it almost exclusively. She currently serves the Council as a messenger, but she has hopes of joining it one day.

She is a tall woman, with a spare frame and an athletic build, though smooth rather than muscular. Her breasts are medium-sized, firm, globular, and erect. Her hips are only slightly wider than her waist, and her thighs are slim. Her skin is the color of copper and her hair the deep, liquid red of a full-bodied wine. Her lovely face is oval, with finely sculpted features that give her a regal, intelligent look, while her eyes are the color of flawless tourmaline. She normally wears a hooded robe made of burgundy-colored satin, but she can cloth herself in a robe of flames that nonetheless obscures nothing. At such times, her hair transforms into a blazing conflagration and her eyes glow like twin suns.

© by Lon RydenShe is strong-willed and disciplined, as befits a powerful sorceress, but she is also uninhibited and free-spirited. She enjoys having fun, and is one of only four friends that will drink and carouse with Medb whenever the former queen is in the mood. She is a lesbian, and the first time she encountered Medb she seduced her to try to gain some control over her. Afterwards, however, they became friends as well as lovers, though neither of them are interested in pursuing a more serious relationship. Though they make love whenever they are together, they are infrequent lovers because they live at opposite ends of the Dreamlands. Medb calls her Molaisse; the root-word means "flame" or "fire", but the form of the word denotes a pet. Though she denies it, her other friends believe she is in love with the fiery sorceress.

Eibhlín Chrón

(EYE-leen ckrohn) Dark Eileen "black hazelnut"

© by Lon RydenShe is the serving girl at the Hostel of the Laughing Cat, where Medb lives. She was also the second friend Medb made and the second lover she took on her second day in the Dreamlands. Laylina, her first friend, fixed them up when Medb wanted to sleep with Laylina. Eibhlín agreed to do it because she considers it part of her duties as serving girl, but they became friends when they realized they had other interests in common. Her past is unknown, because she will not talk about it. She is not a Dreamer, because she never disappears for weeks on end, but it is unclear whether she was born in the Dreamlands or died in the Waking World. She just showed up in Ulthar one day and took her job at the hostel.

She is short and squat, with a stocky, full-figured frame. Though she appears soft and flabby, her flesh is actually supported by lean, hard muscle. She is much stronger than she appears; she is one of the very few people who have beaten Medb at wrestling. She has dark, chocolate-brown hair and chocolate skin and eyes, with a large, round face and pretty, petite features. She has skill with knives and swords, and knowledge of setting broken bones. This along with her strength convinces Medb that she was once an adventurer, but she will neither confirm nor deny the former queen's conclusion. She is also an excellent masseuse, which Medb frequently takes advantage of. She is not a carouser, but she does like to enjoy herself on her time off. She has also accompanied Medb on several of her adventurers, mostly as support.

Karella Gündersen

(kah-REHL-lah GEYN-dihr-sehn)

© by Lon RydenIn the Waking World, Yorgi Gündersen was a Viking jarl who was also a Dreamer. When he fell in battle, he decided to give up raiding and introduce the people of Ulthar to the barbarian pleasures of the mead hall. He adventured for awhile until he had the funds to build his tavern, then married a fellow adventurer name Vasilisa and proceeded to have twelve children. Karella is his oldest daughter.

From a young age, Karella was something of a dreamer, begging her parents to tell her yet again stories of their adventures, and monopolizing the company of every adventurer who came to the tavern. Her parents began to worry that some day she would run off with one, so they asked Medb to take her on a safe adventure, hoping it would satisfy her curiosity and let her settle down. Unfortunately it backfired, and Karella became hooked. As a result, Medb took her under her wing as a protégé, taking the responsibility to train her and protect her. Since then, she has accompanied Medb on numerous adventures, but she has also become more responsible, and spends most of her time helping her family in the tavern.

© by Lon RydenKarella is at the end of her teenage years, right on the cusp of young womanhood. As such, she is not yet fully mature, in either mind or body. However, her attractive face and figure are already turning heads in the marketplace and town square. She has long, soft, mouse-brown hair, hazel eyes, and peaches and cream skin. In the tavern she wears a long, white, pleated chemise with short sleeves, tied closed at the back of her neck. Under that she wears a pair of knee-length hose and soft leather shoes, while over it lies two long, narrow pieces of cloth, one in front and one in back, secured by two large "tortoise" brooches at the shoulders. The cloth pieces are dyed blood-red and embroidered at the hems. Over her shoulders she drapes a woolen shawl dyed blue and embroidered at the edge, and secures it over her bosom with another tortoise brooch. She decorates herself with bracelets and rings of gold, and a necklace of silver decorated with amber beads and pendents of colored glass. A comb, a pair of scissors, and several keys hang suspended on a silver chain from the shawl brooch. When adventuring, she ties her hair into braids and wears a mail hauberk beneath a cloth byrnie with a nasal helmet. She arms herself with a long sword, a fancisca axe, a short bow, and a round wooden shield reinforced with metal bands.

Her personality is not yet completely formed, and like many teenage girls she is willful and temperamental. Nonetheless, she is a bright, levelheaded girl, a quick learner and an eager listener. She takes after her father, enjoying life with gusto, yet she shares many of her mother's down-to-earth qualities. She is starting to show a keen interest in boys, yet she is still a virgin, and while Medb has offered to arrange for her to lose her virginity, she shows little interest in sex. Though Medb treats her like an adult, she still considers her a child, and so tends to restrain her more libidinous proclivities when Karella is around.



© by Lon RydenShe is the serving girl at the Inn of the Dreaming Skull, which is owned and run by Adelard and his wife Bofland. She is the first friend Medb made in Dreamlands. When the former queen first saw her, she made the mistake of assuming that she was a bondservant and therefore available to share her bed. When she discovered that instead Laylina was the innkeepers' adopted daughter, she made amends and in so doing made her first friend as well. Laylina is extremely popular with the patrons of the inn, who feel protective towards her. However, her origins are a mystery. The official story is that she wandered up from the south. She came to Adelard looking for work, and he hired her, and later he and Bofland adopted her. But some things Adelard has mentioned in private conversations leads Medb to believe he may have captured her when he was an adventurer. Though Medb has asked Laylina for the truth, the serving girl will only answer with a wink and a mischievous smile.

Laylina is a slim girl, with a dancer's physique, olive skin, raven hair, and rose-colored lips. Her wide hazel eyes are flecked with gold and her skin is lightly tattooed. She wears simple colored dresses with long sleeves and long flowing skirts that are tight around the waist and bodice. This allows her to move free and effortless while maintaining proper decorum, and at the same time tantalizing the patrons with hints of her figure. This same dichotomy is reflected in her personality. She is warm and vivacious, and loves to flirt, yet she gives every impression of being a naive, wide-eyed innocent, ignorant of the ways of lovers. Nonetheless, she is no maiden, and she has taken a lover in the form of a womanizing ranger. The thought of being Medb's bedmate made her nervous, yet she has had frank discussions with Medb about sex, and she trains with Medb in the arts of armed and unarmed combat in the nude. For her part, Medb's affection for Laylina has progressed from that of a casual one night affair to that of an older sister. She has taken the serving girl as a protégé, teaching her fighting and love-making, while learning what it means to have and be a friend. Laylina has occasionally joined Medb on her adventures, but still prefers hearth and home.

Marie Delacroix

(mah-REE DEH-lah-kroy)

© by Lon RydenMarie is an oddity: though she lived in the Waking World, she wasn't a Dreamer. She was an artist living in late-nineteenth century Paris, an Impressionist who studied under or otherwise associated with Mary Cassatt, Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas, Édouard Manet, Claude Monet, Berthe Morisot, Camille Pissarro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Gustave Courbet, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Émile Bernard, and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. She was a cousin of Eugène Delacroix, who started teaching her when she was only five. Though she gained some renown for her work, she was killed by a jealous rival for a lover, poisoned, before her work could gain critical success.

The poison was also a powerful hallucinogenic, and it triggered her ability to Dream. As such, she found the Cavern of Flame and was permitted to enter the Land of Dreams by Nasht and Kaman-Thah. Upon arriving in Ulthar, she decided to stay and continue her trade as a painter. Though she continues her Impressionist work, she makes a living by doing portraits and recreating the works of the masters. This has made her famous enough to be known as far as Serranian and Celephais, but she will not leave Ulthar, despite entreaties from even Kuranes himself, and she is very disappointed her Impressionist work is not popular.

She is a petite woman with a childlike face and figure, her black hair cut in a pageboy, with ivory-white skin and sky-blue eyes. She dresses in a plain brown gown with a long hem, covered by a matching sleeveless surcoat. She affects an air of innocence, but can actually be quite tough when the need arises. She has a fun-loving nature, and loves to go to taverns and clubs for drinking, but she is not a carouser; she prefers wine, absinthe, and liqueurs to beer, ale, or hard liquors. She is not known to be sexually active, which is understandable considering how she died, yet she does sometimes spend the night with handsome young men in her studio tower. Medb first encountered her when she asked the former queen to pose for her as Athena in Reuben's The Judgment of Paris, and while Medb thought she wanted to sleep with her, she has so far declined to do so. Medb has since been a semi-regular model, posing not only for Impressionist portraits, but also reproductions of such masterpieces as The Sleepers by Gustave Courbet, The Birth of Venus by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, and a painting based on the sculpture The Rape of the Sabine Women by Giambologna. Though she will not move away from Ulthar, she has on occasion joined Medb on an adventure, usually at her own instigation, and she does travel to work on commissions.



© by Lon RydenThere are a number of people who ply the trade of apothecary in the city of Ulthar, but Mephitis is the best. She is also the most unusual. No one knows who her people are or where she came from, but she is famous throughout the Six Kingdoms and the Land of Ooth-Nargai for her medicines and potions; she is the only apothecary Medb will trust. She is also renowned for her poisons. Technically, the manufacture and sale of poison is illegal in Ulthar, but Kranon the Burgomaster tolerates her activities because the town's famed physician, Aescalypses, has assured him that in the wrong hands any medicine can be a poison, while in the right hands any poison can be a medicine. Kranon accepts his judgment, but still has some reservations.

The townspeople share his reticence. While they value her services, until Medb arrived no one was willing to be her friend. The reason had to do with prejudice based on her appearance. Though human female in form, she has a number of features that make her stand out. Her head is a flattened oval, with small horns projecting from the corners of her forehead. Her skin is the color of burnt charcoal, her hair of ash, and her eyes of blood. Though her hands are normal, her feet resemble those of a dragon, with three toes projecting forward and one pointing backwards; both hands and feet are clawed. Her canines in both jaws are long and sharply pointed, she has a pair of vestigial wings sprouting from her shoulder blades, and she is equipped with a long tail that ends in a barb. Her face is pretty enough, but most people cannot get past her overall look. She generally wears a vest laced up the front and a pair of trousers, and when she is required to go out in public during the day, she covers herself with a cloak, but to hide from other people, not the sun.

The townspeople call her the Gargoyle behind her back, of which she is not unaware, and while she affects an air of stoic courtesy, her isolation has made her sullen and resentful. Before Medb arrived, she never socialized and she preferred to stay in her shop, running errands mostly at night when no one else was around except cats and the town guard; besides which, she sees better at night than in the day. Her friendship with Medb and the others has encouraged her to become more open and friendly, but she is still not fully accepted yet. Though something of a homebody, she does have to travel periodically to replenish her supply of ingredients, and Medb often accompanies her as her companion and bodyguard. She shares a deep respect with Aescalypses and the two often work together; it is rumored that they are also lovers.

Morgiana of the House of Baba


© by Lon RydenMorgiana was born in the Waking World and had been a Dreamer up until her death. She had been born a slave, and when she came of age had been sold to Kassim, brother of Ali Baba. When Ali discovered the cave of the Forty Thieves and stole some of their gold, Kassim tried to do the same, but was caught and killed. Ali married his widow and took over his household, including Morgiana. When the thieves tried to exact revenge on Ali by the ruse of hiding in oil sacks, Morgiana killed them by pouring boiling oil into the sacks; the leader alone escaped. Ali gave her her freedom for her quick-witted action, but she remained in his household, watchful against further attacks. And when the leader of the thieves returned and tried to kill Ali, she cut his throat when she danced for him. Ali married her to his brother's son and she lived happily for many years, before she succumb to a fever in middle age.

Now a permanent resident of the Dreamlands, she decided to ply the trade of thief. She joined the Thieves Guild and eventually rose to become a Master, and the greatest thief in all the Six Kingdoms. She is a tall woman, with a strong athletic physique, long shapely legs, and a lovely Arabic face. Her skin tone is light bronze, and her hair and eyes are so dark they appear violet. Her normal mode of dress is a silk shirt and pantaloons, and when she goes out in public she binds her hair into a turban, hides the lower part of her face with a veil, and covers herself with a dark robe. Her favored weapons are a jambiya knife and a saif, and she nearly always carries various tools and pieces of equipment for thieving on her belt. She prefers not to fight directly, but when she has to she wears a hauberk of cuir-bouille covered with metal scales. She has a care-free, fun-loving attitude that masks a quick, sharp mind and suspicious nature.

Medb encountered her when she stole a treasure from the cloud city of Serranian and the former queen was hired by King Kuranes to retrieve it. Now she resides in Ulthar and often accompanies Medb on her adventures, when she isn't off trying to steal something on her own. Though she is often irreverent, she respects Medb and does not openly mock her the way Uilmheidhrea does. She is also the one of four friends who love to drink and carouse as much as Medb.

Lady Saighlíne Áirdenté

(seye-LEE-nih awr-JEHN-tay)

© by Lon RydenShe was born in the Dreamlands, the middle daughter of a family of nobles of Ooth-Nargai. She grew up on the family estate, then moved into the family palace in the city of Celephais. There is no time in Celephais, so its inhabitants never age. She looks to be in her mid-twenties, but she is actually over 300 years old by the time Medb arrives. Being as she would not inherit, and having no interest in being a priestess, she became a knight of Celephais. Though dedicated to chivalry, she was more fun-loving and less serious than most knights, until her family was killed in a raid by barbarians from the Forbidden Lands across the Tanarian Hills. With Medb's help, she grimly hunted down and killed the raiders in an obsessed manner, but she also managed to rescue her younger sister. Afterwards, her temper recovered somewhat, but she remained subdued. She and Medb have never made love (though they kissed once), and in fact she seems to have no interest in romance or sex in general. She frequently joins Medb on her adventures, as often as her duties to Kuranes will permit.

© by Lon RydenShe is as tall as Medb, but thinner, with a strong athletic figure, small breasts, and narrow hips. She is fairly beautiful, but she eschews makeup and her dower manner makes her less inviting. She has thick strawberry-blonde hair cut shoulder length, a sculpted oval face, and blue-gray eyes. For casual wear she prefers shirts, trousers, and long robes, all decorated in a baroque style, and she fancies tricorne hats. She carries a dagger with her at all times, even when bathing. She also has a sumptuous court gown and robe, with which she wears her longsword. When going into battle she wears a full body-suit of chain mail, reinforced with metal plates at the shoulders, elbows, and knees, with breast- and backplates, gauntlets, and sabatons. Her head is covered by a mail coif and a bascinet, and she wears a golden tabard over the armor bearing the coat of arms of the royal house of Kuranes.



© by Lon RydenScylla was born in Corinth to a poor family who sold her to a brothel when she was five. She served as an attendant until the onset of puberty, when she became a deikterias. After a year she was bought by a troop of auletrides, who taught her singing, dancing, flute, harp, and lyre playing. When she came of age, she was sold to a retired hetaira who had her educated and trained her as a courtesan. She became so popular that she was able to purchase her freedom after only half a decade. She then relocated to Athens and took the name of Scylla. She became the most famous hetaira of her day, but in middle age she insisted on tending the sick when a plague ravaged Athens, and she herself caught the illness and died.

She became a Dreamer with the onset of puberty, and at first used the Dreamlands as a refuge. After she became an hetaira, however, she began to ply her trade in Ulthar, then throughout the Six Kingdoms. By the time of her death she had become as famous in the Dreamworld as in the Waking World, with clients as far as Celephais, Serranian, and Ilek-Vad. Since meeting Medb she has become semi-retired, but still maintains a number of active clients and occasionally acquires new ones. Though more reserved, she still enjoys carousing with Medb and Morgiana, and she often hosts parties similar to the male symposia of ancient Greece for the former queen and her friends, which can get rather bawdy. She has occasionally joined Medb on her adventures, but never willingly into any situation where she must fight.

Scylla represents the Greek ideal of feminine beauty: tall and slender, with long honey-gold hair, sparkling blue eyes, translucent alabaster skin with a clear flawless complexion, small conical breasts that are firm and erect, and well-proportioned hips and thighs. Medb has described her voice as soft and melodic, like the singing of birds. When "off duty", she tends to wear a simple Doric chiton without a belt, as well as no jewelry or makeup, but when meeting a client or engaging in any activity as a courtesan, she prefers an Ionic chiton or a peplos with a belt, and she adorns herself to enhance her beauty. All of her clothing, however, no matter how simple, is made from the best material. Her sexuality is ambiguous. Though she professes to be straight, and has no female clients, she has had sex with Medb a few times, and during the parties she hosts she does hit on the female entertainers she hires.

Tabitha Grayson

(TAH-bih-thuh GRAY-suhn)

© by Lon RydenTabitha was a flapper, torch singer, prostitute, and brothel manager for a minor New York gangster during the Roaring Twenties. She was a Dreamer, who used the Dreamlands as a retreat from her disappointing life, so when she was killed by a jealous lover, she found herself a permanent resident. At that point she decided to open a spa for women in Ulthar. She does not allow any men on the premises, not even her clients' lovers, nor does she allow her employees to provide sexual services, but she does not care if her clients have sex with each other. Nonetheless, her spa has become so successful that most townswomen frequent it at least occasionally, including Medb and her friends, and many women gather there weekly to gossip, make business deals, and get away from men in general. She also sells cosmetics and personal hygiene products, as well as scented oils and candles.

Tabitha is a tall, willowy platinum blonde, with small perky breasts, a thin stunningly beautiful face, milky-white skin, and ice-blue eyes. She dresses in whatever fashion seems most appropriate for the occasion, but is partial to sleeveless, strapless, backless, slinky black dresses with long skirts. Though an intelligent and shrewd woman, she is somewhat flighty and a bit of an airhead. She is a homebody and has never left Ulthar of her own free will, nor does she have any desire to accompany Medb on one of her adventures. She is also straight and has never had sex with Medb, though they have been naked together on a number of occasions.

Lady Tiotadhnia


© by Lon RydenLady Tiotadhnia is an anomaly. She is not a Dreamer or a former Dreamer, but as far as anyone can ascertain she is not a resident of the Dreamlands either. Many believe she may come from an alternate Dreamlands or even another reality altogether. Whatever her origin, she is perhaps the most intriguing and enigmatic figure in the Dreamworld. She runs the most popular pleasure palace in the whole of the Six Kingdoms. Though she offers "companions" for an evening's entertainment, many people come just to rub shoulders with the elite of the Dreamworld. She does not charge a cover fee and offers complimentary food and drink as well as space for people to converse and play games. However, if they want a private room with a companion and additional food and drink, as well as other services, all that must be paid for in advance. She doesn't care what people do for fun, even if it involves mock or controled violence, but she tolerates no harm done to her bondservants. Anyone who tries is immediately assaulted by an invisible force, severely punished, and ejected from the premises. Nor will they be allowed back in until they have made a public apology and paid restitution. A second offense, however, results in being banned for life. Tiotadhnia lives in a wing of the pleasure palace and almost never leaves it, except in the company of Seidhloch the Moneylender. Exactly what they mean to one another and how their relationship came about is unknown, but being together is the only time either of them will socialize with the other citizens of Ulthar.

Medb became her friend when she did the mysterious woman a favor, but she is the only person the massive woman has ever been afraid of. She alone can see that the invisible force is a flock of pixie-like creatures, and she understands that Tiotadhnia is immensely powerful in her own right. While Medb is not terrified of her, she is intimidated and she goes to great lengths to avoid incurring her wrath. Nonetheless she values her friendship, if for no other reason than she would not want her as an enemy. Tiotadhnia has accompanied Medb on an adventure only once, when the former queen escorted Seidhloch to a meeting of his tontine partners, but she has often given Medb advice and more practical help. She and Medb have never slept together, nor does Medb wish to.

Tiotadhnia is a tall, slender, and graceful woman, with skin as white as marble and so clear it is transparent. Her eyes are blue and bright as the sky, but her hair is darker than a raven’s wing. Her clothing consists of a simple silk shift, as white and spotless as new-fallen mountain snow, and a filmy, white, translucent veil draped over her head that falls to her ankles. She wears no makeup or jewelry or adornment, not even shoes, except for a single earring, a single finger ring, and a single ankle bracelet, all on the same side of her body. Her voice is soft, breathy, and delicate, and unnaturally quiet, but people can hear her as clearly as if she shouts. Her expression and tone of voice virtually never change, and yet people can feel her emotional state. She does not walk so much as float on thin air. Ephemeral and enigmatic, Med has observed that she is the closest thing in a living human to a ghost.

Tokoyo Yamamoto

(toh-KOY-oh YAH-mah-moh-toh)

© by Lon RydenTakamesu Yamamoto was a warlord of the Kamakura period in Japan, and a Dreamer. He was killed during the second Mongol Invasion and found himself permanently in the Dreamlands. He journeyed with a band of adventurers until he encountered a female samurai named Tomoe Gozen. They fought each other to a standstill, and Tomoe joined the group of adventurers. When the group disbanded, Takamesu and Tomoe got married and had eight girls before Tomoe disappeared one day. Tokoyo was their eldest.

Tomoe had been trained in the Geisha art before she went the way of the warrior, and she taught this art to her daughters. At the same time, she and Takamesu together taught them martial arts and Bushido. Tokoyo excelled at both. When they retired from adventuring, Takamesu and Tomoe opened a bathhouse with a tea house and a Kabuki theatre in Ulthar. Tokoyo was an active participant in all activities while her father was alive, but after he was killed she became the head of the family and took on a supervisory role. This allows her to socialize with the townsfolk, something her father almost never did. When not adventuring with Medb, she wears a ceremonial Geisha kimono and full facial makeup, but she lets © by Lon Rydenher long black hair hang loose. She always carries a wakizashi short sword, except when naked, and even then it's always within reach. She also carries a katana long sword whenever she's outside. Other weapons she is proficient with are the naginata bladed staff and the longbow. When she must go to war, she wears a full suit of samurai armor, including a helmet and a face mask.

Tokoyo is reserved and keeps her emotions under iron control. Though more open and social than her father and mother, she has only truly opened up to Medb and her other friends. She rarely lets herself go, even in private, and she can maintain control even when heavily inebriated. She is not sexually active, but she does take occasional lovers, all men. She slept with Medb only once, and only while under the influence of strong drink, yet she is not self-conscious about being naked with her in a public setting.

Uilmheidhrea Máistreás an Dorchadas

(ehl-VEYE-ruh MAW-ihsh-chrih-aws ahn DOR-ckuh-duhs) Elvira Mistress of Darkness

© by Lon RydenShe isn't Cassandra Peterson, a.k.a. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Her real name is Bettie Stivic, and in the Waking World she is just one of thousands of Elvira imitators. In the Dreamlands, however, she is unique, even exotic, so she has adopted the persona as her own. As usual, Medb has converted her name into Irish. She is somewhat shorter than the real Elvira, somewhat plumper, and somewhat younger, and she is addicted to bubble gum; she frequently drives Medb crazy blowing and cracking bubbles. She has an irreverent demeanor towards Medb that the massive woman tolerates with surprising ease, considering the way she otherwise punishes even the slightest show of disrespect. As such, Uilmheidhrea often makes fun of Medb in a satirical, even sarcastic, manner that Medb not only accepts with good grace, but also encourages.

© by Lon RydenUnlike Medb's other friends, who were either born in the Dreamlands or who had died in the Waking World, Uilmheidhrea is a true Dreamer, living in the first decade of the 21st century. As such, she tends to disappear every two to three months for two to three months at a time, then reappears again. Medb has been unable to discover how she supports herself in the Dreamlands, since she plies no obvious trade and spends her time in leisure pursuits, yet never appears at a loss for cash. Medb suspects she is a courtesan, but she denies it and Scylla backs her up. Even so, she enjoys the company of men, especially wealthy ones, and frequently spends the night with them, fueling Medb's suspicions. She and Medb occasionally have sex, but just for mutual pleasure, and she otherwise maintains she is straight rather than bisexual. She loves adventure and frequently accompanies Medb on the former queen's missions, but aside from a talent for getting into trouble, she has no skills that can aid Medb on her quests. Why she tolerates her no one knows, and Medb will not say. She is one of the four friends that love to drink and carouse with Medb.


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