Fictional Universe of Medb hErenn

Heroic & Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction Character created by Kevin L. O'Brien

Vereesa von Hasik, © by Dhasheng

Millennium, © by Dorian Cleavenger

Fictional Universeiction writing involves more than simply creating stories. Good fiction takes place in a fully realized fictional universe that feels as real as our own, even if set in the far future or past, on an alien world, or in a fantasy realm. Being as the purpose of this website is to explain as much about Medb hErenn and her works as possible, much of it will describe her fictional universe, in the hope that it will enhance enjoyment of the stories.

Click on any of the links below to learn more about Medb hErenn and her fictional universe.

The Adventures of Medb hErenn has links to stories and webcomics posted on this site, as well as to excerpts, outlines, reviews, and illustrations. For any published work, citations are provided, along with links to sources for purchasing.

The Worlds of Medb hErenn is an encyclopedia with essays that describe various aspects of the worlds in which she has lived, emphasizing characters and settings, but also describing cultural aspects, creatures, technology, and more.

The Timeline of Adventures lists the novels, novellas, stories, webcomics, and pseudofactual essays concerning the life and adventures of Medb hErenn in chronological order. Also provided is a bibliographic catalog of all works whether published, written but unpublished, or in the process of being written. Each entry has the final or working title, the word count, and the year completed; published works include publication data and purchasing information, where applicable.

The An Leabhar Mhéibhe describes the fictional grimoire that Medb hErenn wrote in the final years of her rule over the Gaels. Here you will find links to stories "translated" from the tome, and pseudofactual essays analyzing the tome. This work qualifies as a source of Cthulhu Mythos lore, and permission is hereby granted for Keepers and other gamers to make use of it. That includes using it in published scenarios, however, in that event we ask that the author(s) acknowledge that the tome is Kevin L. O'Brien's creation, and cite this website as his or their source.

Questions About Medb is a list of questions that fans tend to ask most often. This list will be added to as more questions come in, but for now this is it. If some of the questions seem overly critical, keep in mind that not all "fans" are truly supportive of an author and his works.

The Songs of the Seanchaí is this site's blog, where people can find news and additional information that does not warrent it's own separate page.