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Heroic & Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction Character created by Kevin L. O'Brien

Sword Maiden, © by A. Whiteford

The Centurion, © by Dorian Cleavenger

Copyright Policynless otherwise stated, all material presented on this website is copyrighted by Clare Enterprises. Clare Enterprises is owned and operated by Kevin L. O'Brien.

The fictional character of Medb hErenn™ created by Mr. O'Brien is protected by both copyright and trademark as set forth by prevailing case law. Similarly, all other characters created by Mr. O'Brien as part of the Medb hErenn universe are also protected by copyright. No unauthorized commercial use of Medb hErenn or any other character is permitted. The amount of the payment is immaterial, as is payment in contributor copies, free subscriptions, or free products. Any form of payment will be considered commercial use. Anyone seeking authorization should contact Mr. O'Brien directly.

The only exception is fan fiction created for entertainment purposes only, whether printed or posted to the Internet. Permission is hereby granted by Kevin L. O'Brien for fans to write pastiche works solely for the purpose of entertainment. None may be sold without prior permission. Copies may be distributed in printed form or in digital form either on the Internet or burned onto CDs for free only. No copies may be sold, not even to recoup production costs, without prior permission. Anyone seeking permission should contact Mr. O'Brien directly. If you do write a story, please let Mr. O'Brien know where it is available so that he can read it if he wishes.

However, please do not send us or Mr. O'Brien ideas for stories. He has too many of his own, and there are serious moral and legal repercussions with using someone else's idea, even with permission. If you have what you believe is a great idea, try writing your own fan story. Or better yet, create your own fantasy character(s) and write the story for him/her/them; that way, you can sell it when you have finished it.

Permission to create fan stories set in the Medb hErenn universe is granted only as long as no one abuses the privilege. Also, some characters that appear in the Medb hErenn stories are the creations of other writers, who granted Mr. O'Brien permission to use them. The stories themselves acknowledge this permission, and this website does so as well. As such, they are not covered by this blanket fan work permission, and anyone wishing to use them in their pastiches must obtain permission from the original authors.

Other elements of the Medb hErenn universe which are not characters — such as social and cultural details, new races, books and other paraphernalia, whole worlds, etc. — may be used freely for both commercial and non-commercial works. This includes new monsters and deities, however, some of these are used as characters. If you are uncertain as to whether a particular being is free to use, please contact Mr. O'Brien directly for clarification.

The artwork and quotations found on this website, those that are not in the public domain, are presented for educational and entertainment purposes only. We have made every effort to comply with the Fair Use clause (see also here) of the US Copyright Code, including accurate reproduction and proper citation. However, if you are the creator of any of the material presented here, or the authorized agent of the creator, and you wish to have the material removed, please contact Mr. O'Brien directly.

Update: We have changed our policy regarding the large-scale images of fantasy women we place on our pages. We will only use such images that we can attribute to either the artist or the copyright holder. As such, while we will continue to use images that have no titles, we will no longer use any uncredited image, and we have removed the few uncredited images that we used previous to this decision.

Even so, sometimes we have to make an intelligent guess as to attribution, and occasionally we are probably wrong. If you discover an incorrect attribution and you can provide us with the correct information, please contact us and let us know.

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