Character Profile of Medb hErenn

Heroic & Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction Character created by Kevin L. O'Brien

Heaven's Son, © by Luis Royo

Barbarian Queen: Detail 1, © by Boris Vallejo

"I am Medb hErenn," she answered, in a ringing imperious tone, "High Queen of the Fir Bholg and the Sons of Mileadh, champion of the Tuatha Dé Danann, protector of the Heidhbernigh, scourge of the Fomóraigh, and friend to the Daoine Sdhe; who stole the Brown Bull of Cúailnge from the men of Ulaidh and humbled the great Cú Chulainn."

Kevin L. O'Brien

Her Character Profilereating strong, believable characters is the goal of every writer. And while the narrative of the story itself brings them to life, it is the preparation before hand that first builds their bones, and then puts flesh on this skeleton. That preparation involves characterization: the development of a specific appearance and personality that will govern how the character reacts to the events of the storyline. This page has links to essays that describe the preparation that went into creating Medb hErenn's characterization.

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The Name of Medb hErenn explains how to pronounce her name and what it means.

A Word Portrait of Medb hErenn describes her appearance in literary text instead of an image.

Graphic Portraits of Medb hErenn present visual images of how she looks by various artists.

The Influences & Inspirations of Medb hErenn describes how Kevin L. O'Brien developed his character.

Medb hErenn as Byronic Hero demonstrates that she serendipitously fits the characteristics of the Byronic Hero of Gothic fiction.

Existentialism and the Irish Character describes how the Irish way of viewing the world — and by extension Medb hErenn's own worldview — is based on the philosophy of existentialism.

The Way of the Barbarian explains the philosophy, based on the ancient Irish warrior code of honor, that governs how Medb hErenn thinks, feels, and acts.