Medb's Associates

Heroic & Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction Character created by Kevin L. O'Brien

Her Companionsedb hErenn has made many enemies over her exceptionably long life. Most do not last long; if she doesn't kill them, they die on their own, of old age if nothing else. However, a few are nearly as long-lived as she is, and of those who are not, some have been particularly vexing.

What follows is a list of her enemies. Click on a name below to open a hidden panel, then click on it again to close it. Click on an image to see a larger version of it.

Elizabeth Rebecca Mabuse, Ph.D.

© by Morghan-Leigh PeressiniDr. Mabuse is, plain and simple, a mad scientist.

Marseilles Sheraton

Marseilles Sheraton is the celebutante heiress to the Sheraton hotel and resort empire. She is the quintessential partying playgirl, with her nights filled with clubing, drinking, drugs, and sex, and her days with celebrity appearances, product endorsements, song recording, and acting engagements.

She is also a criminal mastermind, who engages in all manner of profitable enterprises, but specializes in Internet rape / torture / snuff videos and the sex trade. Medb has encountered her in both the modern world and the Dreamlands, and while she has usually foiled Sheraton's schemes in the end, she has never been able to catch her, or put her out of business. Unlike other enemies, however, Medb has little respect for her because of her cold callousness to the suffering of others. Though Sheraton is generally considered to be insane, she is in fact simply selfish and evil.

Uallach Ruadhríon

© by Morghan-Leigh PeressiniUallach, which means "The Arrogant One", was born an Irish princess around 3000 B.C.E. She was taught battle skills, song and poetry, the law na d druidry, and taught herself sorcery. One day she learned of an elixir that promised eternal life. One component was the blood of a sleeping Vampire, but when she drank it, she realized too late that the eternal life it granted as that of a Vampire.

Because of her age and power, she has since become the acknowledged queen of the Vampires.


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