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Ambition's Appetite

This historical fantasy / Celtic fantasy short story was originally published in issue 16 of Nightscapes, an Internet magazine devoted to the Cthulhu Mythos. Though technically not out of print — the site is still active — it has been over two and half years since it first came out, and a more recent issue has supplanted it. Also, it has been modified from the original version; the modified version is presented here. Finally, this short story is being expanded to novella length. It takes place in Iron Age Ireland, while Medb is queen of the province of Connacht.

Ambition is like hunger; it obeys no law but its appetite. — Josh Billings

Two chariots emerged from the forest into the clearing. One was occupied by two men, the other by one woman. One of the men was a veritable giant, tall and massive. He wore his long, brown hair tied into a tail, with a huge, bushy mustache decorating his face. His companion was of normal height and build, with black, short-cropped hair and beard. The woman was big, not as large as the giant, but taller than the normal man, muscular, and statuesque. Her long, gold-tinted, bronze hair fell loose, except for two braids that hung down her front to her waist. The giant and the woman wore the clothing of the Iron Age Irish Celts, but the normal man's clothes were different: trousers, a short padded leather jacket, and a soft cap.

The clearing was small and dominated by a low hill. Around its top stood a haphazard circle of sickly, gray-green, rough-hewn stones. Ropes had been strung around and between the stones, giving them the appearance of being draped in cobwebs.

The woman addressed the normal man. "Are you all prepared?"

John Robinson answered with a curt nod. "If your men did as they were instructed, Medb, yes."

The giant scowled. "Show the proper respect, outcast."

"Enough, Ferghus," Medb chided, in a gentle yet firm tone. "I am not offended by his familiarity. I can assure you that my retainers followed your instructions to the last detail."

Robinson nodded, then stepped back off the chariot. He walked up to Medb, adding, "Then we should have no problem," before he headed off towards the monument.


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Glossary & Pronunciation Guide

Ferghus (FYEH-ruhs)
Fomóraigh (FOH-moh-reye)
Medb (mayv)
Nemed (NAY-mihd)

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