Alternative Worlds

Heroic & Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction Character created by Kevin L. O'Brien

El Acero Negro, © by Juan Gimenez

Alternative Worldshen Medb hErenn was killed by Furbaidhe Ferbend, her body stopped functioning, but she did not actually die. Instead, her body entered a state of suspended animation as it drew upon energy from the earth to heal itself. As such, her consciousness remained trapped within her body rather than being released to travel to the Otherworld. As she would later describe it, it was like being sealed in a barrel: she couldn't move, see, hear, or speak. Like someone left too long inside a sensory deprivation tank, she began to suffer from anxiety, depression, and hallucinations as her mind deteriorated from a lack of stimulation. In time she would have gone completely insane, but an entity snatched her consciousness from her body and took her into the aethereal realm. There it offered to send her to other worlds, where she could stimulate her mind with adventures until her body was ready to become resurrected. She impetuously agreed, but soon discovered that in reality the entity was using her to save each world from some form of encroaching darkness. Having agreed to serve it, even if unknowingly, she had no choice but to allow it to send her wherever it wanted, and she couldn't leave any world until she had died. Yet on each world she was clearly the outsider, unwelcome and unaccepted, unable to find rest or peace. The best she could hope for was that one day her body would awaken and her consciousness would return to it.

The following essays describe various aspects of the other worlds Medb visited.

  • Aethereal Realm
  • Bugs
  • Zombie Fungus
  • Zombie Prion

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